Annual Med Gas Testing

What is NFPA 5.1.15 you ask?

Well, thats the section that helps guide you as to what needs to be done every year in your facility….but don’t let that bog you down with excessive manpower needs….we are pro’s who test systems every day!

We can test as much or as little as you need.

Does your current vendor actually test your master alarm system….or do they lack the knowledge or work ethic to pressure test your switches?  Ask to see their master alarm test kit.  You may be surprised.  We use +-1%FS gauges to calibrate your master alarm switches EVERY YEAR!  We are always amazed at how many master alarms are in need of calibration or repair when we start testing them!  Since there are rarely failures after we get initial problems sorted out….it makes us wonder what it is some vendors are actually doing.

How about your outlet documentation?  Is it clear as mud?  Almost impossible to generate work orders off of?  We offer customize-able reporting set up how YOU like it!

And speaking of work orders, do your personnel spend hours sorting out just what needs attention after paying good money for another report?  We sort all of the action items into an easily accessible binder to make assigning work orders quick and easy!

Most of our Field Engineers are also 6040 certified and are ready to repair your system if you need them.  We will gladly assist or train your staff to help mitigate action items with prompt repairs and documentation at your request.

Give us a call for a competitive bid:  1-855-438-6439 option 1